Teachers Rock!

As a former school teacher, I am in awe of my kids’ teachers! I was blown away by the awesome presentations in my son’s class at Palmetto Christian Academy. The students each chose an important figure in American History and had to read a biography of their person. After completing book reports, they presented oral reports in front of an audience. Every one of them did a spectacular job. They were engaging, funny and had excellent public speaking skills. And they are only 8 and 9!!

I love the depth of study in my 2nd grader’s class and also the amazing emphasis his teacher puts on reading. I’m astounded that my 3-year old knows his letters and numbers and is starting to write! Teaching is a hard job and I’m grateful for the ones who do it so well!

I am so thankful for the amazing teachers who pour themselves into the lives of my boys each and every day. Mrs. Doak, Mrs. Rhodes, Mrs. Mary and Mrs. Nancy — you rock!!

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